Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brand New Human Resource & Project Management Tool ... Coming Up Next July

Hi well wishers,
Thank you all for being with us in this long journey. After long time we're feeling once again to write on this blog. We're really happy to announce that finally TechBongo Solutions is now committed in the field of product development. Apart from our website development, web hosting, domain registration and software and web based consultancy services, we're launching our brand new product next July. The product is one of the most useful tools for small and medium business concerns. This tool integrates a Project Management System, Time and Expense Management System and a Human Resource Management System for your company. We're sure, there are some companies with some 10-200 employees, who are still now using papers for storing employee details, HR related information and project related documents. Our tool will bring them all under a same umbrella. In this blog, unfortunately, we won't reveal the name of the application. This is our trade secret. But it's our promise, we'll show you screenshots, demo and more detailed features within one month.

Stay with us and enjoy the Excellence!

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