Friday, October 29, 2010

PHP Class to Compose and Generate (Export) Excel Files in XLS Format

TechBongo Solutions has developed a new PHP class (can be termed as a PHP component) to export contents into spreadsheets. This class can be used to compose and generate xls files on the fly. Even you can add formula to the excel file. It's really easy to use.

This class can be used to fetch data from the database and export them into xls files (Microsoft Excel). Previously, we were using any to csv export feature. But we found number of issues, while using this feature in real time applications. For example, we couldn't add commas (",") into any cell of the exported csv file. But xls file overcomes all these limitations and works fine. You can open these exported xls files in any version of  MS Office, Open Office and Google Spreadsheets.

Download the XLS PHP Class and generate XLS files using PHP.

Direct Download Link:

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