Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tips For Sales Conversion In Debut Adwords Campaigns

The most amazing thing is Google is offering Gift Coupon worth Rs 2500/- of Adwords for free to promote their most profitable service. And new webmasters around are taking full benefits of this promotional offer. It helps them starting up pay-per-click advertising for their websites. It significantly boosts traffic to the website who never managed to bring even 10 real visitors a day in past. But this debut PPC campaign hardly results in conversion. They fails to get Sales from these 'free' visitors. Here in this article I'll try to highlight few of its reasons:
  1. Insufficient idea of PPC vitals like Cost Per Click rate, Audience Targeting, Keywords etc. An online advertising expert can help you choose best keywords, cost effective and perfect CPC rates etc.
  2. First PPC Campaign - Too catchy Ad Title and Description. Ultimately results in 100% disappointment of visitors.
  3. False offerings, tricky offers, hidden charges, silenced terms and conditions. I feel amazed to see those $ 3/Month unlimited hosting offers; you get $5-$7 per month discount when you place an order for 5 years or even more.
  4. Unknown Brands, New Agencies are depot of unreliability. Buyers never like to buy from new providers; even I often prefer to read atlest 4-5 public reviews before spending 1000+ rupees online.
  5. Unavailability of a proper landing page for PPC campaigns. And the potential customers reaches a page where they get a huge 'Order Now' button but no 'Detailed Product Description', 'Warranty Terms', 'Support Availability', 'Clients' Testimonials', 'Picture of Items' etc. All they need to do is to digg the site to collect all these details. But surely they won't do that since many other sites appear in the same Google Search result and they'll open the next link.
  6. Lack of online ordering system or instant order processing commitments. I've often seen sites offering $5 product; many of the visitors won't hesitate to give a try IF an online ordering or instant activation system is available
  7. Not availability of Live Chat / Phone Support when campaigns are running. Because buyers will always have questions and you need answer all of them to get conversion.
  8. Server outage, Server Busy issue. Although it's not usual but your homely web server should be able to handle sudden huge traffic. You need to choose a good web hosting company, who providers high-performance servers.
  9. Language problem for improperly targeted campaigns. A Portuguese won't spend more than 2 seconds to close the browser window of your Vietnamese website.
  10. Poor appearance of website, incomplete sites. Last but not least is your overall website outlook. A professional website developer can make a beautiful website, which itself attracts visitors. Visitors like to bookmark your site, 'Stumble' it, 'Twitt' it or to return back to your site if it's nice, effective, complete and extra-ordinary.
In my opening, if you try to follow the points mentioned above, you'll surely be able to bring out significant sales out of these 'free visitors'.

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